Resource library

The Open Science community has created many excellent resources to educate and empower anyone interested in trustworthy, transparent research. Here are a few we like:

UKRN Open Science Primers logo
UKRN Open Science Primers

The UK Reproducibility Network summarize many pertinent topics around Open Science in a series of primers.

Open Scholarship Knowledge Base logo
Open Scholarship Knowledge Base

In collaboration with the Center for Open Science, a worldwide community is gathering resources concerning all aspects of Open Scholarship.

FOSTER Open Science logo
FOSTER Open Science

FOSTER Open Science collects training resources around Open Science on an e-learning platform.

INOSC Starter Kit logo
INOSC Starter Kit

The International Network of Open Science and Scholarship Communities provides an excellent starter kit for founding and building a local Open Science community.

FORRT Educational Nexus logo
FORRT Educational Nexus

The FORRT initiative has collected and categorized teaching and learning resources around open science.

Tilburg Science Hub logo
Tilburg Science Hub

Tilburg Science Hub gives you the tools and guidance to be in control and save time in your empirical research projects.


LIGHTS provides methods guidance papers for all topics relevant to health research such as subgroup analysis, reporting of randomized trials, GRADE guidelines, causal inference, handling missing data, sample size calculation.

ReplicationWiki logo

The ReplicationWiki offers a database of empirical studies in the social sciences with information on availability of replication material and of replications, a webinar series and a portal for teaching.