Resource library

The Open Science community has created many excellent resources to educate and empower anyone interested in trustworthy, transparent research. Here are a few we like:

UKRN Open Science Primers logo
UKRN Open Science Primers

The UK Reproducibility Network summarize many pertinent topics around Open Science in a series of primers.

Open Scholarship Knowledge Base logo
Open Scholarship Knowledge Base

In collaboration with the Center for Open Science, a worldwide community is gathering resources concerning all aspects of Open Scholarship.

FOSTER Open Science logo
FOSTER Open Science

FOSTER Open Science collects training resources around Open Science on an e-learning platform.

INOSC Starter Kit logo
INOSC Starter Kit

The International Network of Open Science and Scholarship Communities provides an excellent starter kit for founding and building a local Open Science community.

FORRT Educational Nexus logo
FORRT Educational Nexus

The FORRT initiative has collected and categorized teaching and learning resources around open science.

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