GRN Publications

Open Data Statement

The GRN steering committee has published a statement on open data. In this statement, we propose five action items what is needed to improve the accessibility of research data generated by academia.

Quality research needs good working conditions

A new paper published together with members of the German Reproducibility Network calls for a major overhaul of academic systems to improve the quality of research. The paper, entitled “Quality research needs good working conditions”, highlights the need for researchers to have appropriate employment and working conditions to achieve high-quality research.

The authors argue that many national academic systems rely on short-term employment contracts, biased selection procedures and misaligned incentives, which hinder research quality and progress. To address these issues, the authors discuss ways to redesign academic systems, arguing that it is imperative that academic institutions create an environment in which employment conditions, incentives, and routines prioritize good research practice. This includes providing stable and secure employment. Permanent employment allows researchers to focus on their work, develop long-term projects, and maintain a high level of rigor.

RDA Conference 2023

As GRN we organized a session on Enabling reproducibility in (data) science at the RDA Germany Conference 2023 (13-17 February 2023, Online). The presentation slides are available here:

RDA's 21st Plenary 2023

Under the motto "A Festival of Data", the 21st Plenary of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and SciDataCon took place as part of this year's International Data Week 2023. The German Reproducibility Network took part and presented a poster.

Schrader, A. C., Morgan, D. P., & Zumstein, P. (2023). The German Reproducibility Network (GRN). What is it and why is it worth joining?. RDA's 21st Plenary, Salzburg, Austria. Zenodo.