Recent updates from the German Reproducibility Network

New Publication Calls for a Redesign of Academic Systems to Improve Research Quality and Boost Good Research Practice

A new paper published together with members of the German Reproducibility Network calls for a major overhaul of academic systems to improve the quality of research. The paper, entitled “Quality research needs good working conditions”, highlights the need for researchers to have appropriate employment and working conditions to achieve high-quality research.

Read the paper here:

Open Science Community on Mastodon

Members of the Open Science are exploring Mastodon as a place to connect about all things that matter to the Open movement. To to contribute to the debate around #SciTwitter and aid the development of the Open Science community, the GRN is maintaining a directory of community members to increase findability. If you're wondering how to find your existing contacts on Twitter on the new plattform, Mastodon, this list is your first stop. To join the list, or to follow those who already do, please follow this link:

Please share this list with your colleagues and within your networks!

Open Data Statement

The GRN steering committee has published a statement on open data. In this statement, we propose five action items what is needed to improve the accessibility of research data generated by academia.

  • Open data should be the standard
  • For data that cannot be open data use and access concepts need to be developed
  • Making data accessible should factor into researcher assessment
  • Funders should require data to be open
  • Academic institutions need to provide not only infrastructure but also support structures

The statement was written by Ulf Toelch and Felix Schönbrodt for the GRN steering committee and received input from the GRN members. As the statement is addressed at German stakeholders it is in German. It can be accessed at:

University of Mannheim joins German Reproducibility Network

We are pleased to welcome the University of Mannheim as new institutional member of the German Reproducibility Network (GRN). It is also the first university to join our network. The University of Mannheim has already established an Open Science Office to support researchers in implementing open science practices and bring open science issues into strategic discussions at the university.

Professor Henning Hillmann (Vice President for Research and Early-Stage Researchers) states: “Research practices are evolving, and the University of Mannheim is committed to leading the way in this shift toward openness and transparency. Membership in the GRN underlines this commitment and connects us on a national level with the other players in this area. We are proud to be part of the GRN and look forward to the future collaboration.”

Read the full press release of the University of Mannheim here.


The elections for the GRN Steering Committee draw closer. There are four seats to be filled. Each initiatve/ organizational member can propose a candidate and will have one vote for the election.

Proposals can be submitted until 15.05.2022. Elections will be held on 30.05.2022.

We are very excited about this election and look forward to seeing how the GRN will develop with the help of their new SC members!