Summary: Open Science Day 2023 - University of Mannheim

This year the University of Mannheim, a university member of the German Reproducibility Network, hosted its 5th Open Science Day showcasing a diverse array of Open Science practices ongoing at the University.

The event featured a keynote from Dr. Anne Gartner, well known for her advocacy of better working conditions, evaluation, and incentives with respect to Open Science within academia. This keynote prompted much discussion about including Open Science practices as a marker for evaluating researchers as well as the applicability and adaptation of such evaluation markers in fields other than Psychology.

Relatedly, this Open Science Day featured experiences of Open Science Practices in Business and Marketing Research, where Prof. Sabine Kuester described her experiences with pre-registration, and Prof. Arthur Seibold, who described his experience with replication procedures in the publication process in Economics.

To close, the University of Mannheim’s 2022 Open Science Grant awardees presented their award-winning research which was awarded based on their proposed implementation and vision for Open Science in their research. Finally, the University of Mannheim’s Open Science Officer, Dr. David Philip Morgan, hosted an Open Science fishbowl on Implementing Open Science Practices in Research: Who does what? And why? And Who is responsible to check that Open Science is done right?

We look forward to the 6th Open Science Day in 2024 and all that it brings. For now, and if you are interested, check out the slides using the following link:

November 8, 2023